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What to Do in Case of Lost or Stolen Passport

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What to Do in Case of Lost or Stolen Passport

Going abroad will give you a unique experience where you will be immersed in a completely different culture and people, but you may encounter some problems along the way.

One of them is that your passport was stolen and or your bank card was lost stolen. In this article, we examine the steps to take if you lose your wallet, credit card or passport. If you want to protect yourself against damage caused by the loss or theft of your
passport abroad, you can take out travel health insurance. See our content for more detailed information on travel health insurance coverage.

lost my passport, what should I do?

Losing or stealing a passport abroad is one of the most unfortunate events that can happen to you. Because the passport is a document that you must always have with you when you are abroad, because outside the country’s borders it replaces your identity card, but your passport can be stolen or forgotten somewhere. However, you can get your new passport in a few days by completing the necessary paperwork. They say, “I lost my passport, what should I do?”If you think so, let’s take a look at the top steps you should take in the event of a lost or stolen passport.

A record of the lost passport must be kept

If your passport is lost or stolen while traveling abroad, the first thing you should do is go to the nearest police station and file a report. If the staff at the police station you are going to do not speak the language you speak, you can ask a citizen who does speak them for help. You can fill out the required documents at the consulate or embassy or directly at the police station.

You must request a copy of the certificate as the original

At least 2-3 copies of the report at the police station are “like the original”. You must request a sealed copy. To do this, before leaving the police station, you can ask for a photocopy of the certificate, as well as a stamp and signature on the photocopies, as well as a note “like the original” so that you can use the document in your next transactions. .

For lost passport transactions, you need to contact TR representatives

If it says “I lost my passport abroad or it was stolen”, you should apply for the lost passport at the Turkish Embassy or Consulate responsible for the region where the incident took place.If there is no Turkish Embassy in your city, you can check the location of the nearest Turkish Consulate at www.konsolosluk.gov.tr ​​​​.

Consulates are usually open Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Since there are many services in the consulates, traffic jams can occur. Therefore, it is easier to arrive at the consulate early so that the paperwork related to lost and stolen passports can be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Must prepare documents with passport photo and identity information

“I lost my passport, how do I get a new one?” Don’t worry, because if you go to the consulate with the report you get at the police station, you will get a temporary passport.To issue a temporary passport, also known as a pink or red passport, you need two passport photos and proof of identity, a driver’s license, or a marriage certificate. If your passport and all your documents are stolen, you can go to the nearest photographer and have two passport photos taken. After completing the application, you can get your temporary passport at the application center within 15 minutes and cancel your old passport from the system. Even if you later find your old passport, you will no longer be able to use it due to the cancellation process.

You can return to Türkiye with a temporary passport

The temporary passport issued by TR representations to people who lost or stole their passport is valid for 30 days and they have only one right to return to Turkey with a temporary passport. If your stay abroad with a temporary passport exceeds 30 days, you are considered an illegal resident of the country you are staying in.When you pass through passport control at the airport with a temporary passport, your journey to Turkey begins. After you give the temporary passport to the officials, you cannot travel abroad until you issue a new passport.

You can apply for an extension of your passport

If an application for a new passport is made due to a lost or stolen passport, the remaining time of the old passport will be added to the new passport. You will need to pay a booking fee for this extra time. If the lost passport is a gray or green passport, you can renew your passport directly by paying the book fee.

You should cancel your visa

If you have a valid visa in your lost passport, you must cancel that visa in order to apply for a visa again. For visa cancellation, the representative of the interested country must be requested to report the loss of the passport, photocopy and individual application.You must apply for the visa cancellation to the representative of the relevant country with the notice of loss of the passport kept abroad, the photocopy of the temporary passport and a personal application explaining the facts

I lost my passport/it was stolen. What documents are needed to get a new one?
 lost my old passport. What documents are required for the new one?” If you are wondering, we have listed the necessary documents for a lost passport renewal for you.

Biometric photo (If you have a biometric photo with you during your trip, the process will be easier and faster).
ID document (old expired driver’s license or passport, etc.))
Copy of ID and original
Documentation of reservation or sale of round-trip air tickets to confirm itinerary
Optional passport loss report
 of lost passport

lost my passport. In how many days can I get a new one?

If you apply for an emergency passport at the Turkish embassy abroad, you will receive a temporary document that you can use in place of your passport within 24 hours. However, you can only return to Turkey with this emergency passport. Upon your arrival in Turkey, you will need to apply for the renewal of your lost passport. It will take around 4-6 weeks for the new passport to reach you.

With a travel health insurance you can protect yourself against the loss of your passport

Although it is annoying to lose a passport or get it stolen abroad, it can always happen that such a situation arises.For this reason, when traveling abroad, you should save your passport number and keep a photocopy of your passport in a digital location. Again, as a precaution, you can leave your passport at your accommodation and walk around with a photocopy of your passport. You should also carry at least two passport photos with you when traveling abroad. On the other hand, if you lose your passport, you will incur additional costs such as wallet fees and fees. However, you can insure
against situations such as lost luggage, theft, lost passport or trip cancellation by purchasing travel medical insurance before traveling abroad.

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