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Romantic World Heritage Sites of Europe, Where the Scent of Love Has Been in the Air for Centuries

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Every beauty can cause love. Sometimes this is a statue, sometimes it is a person, but sometimes it can be a settlement. Let’s examine together the Romantic World Heritage of Europe, which contains romance in every stone and soil, thanks to the combination of emotion and imagination at the end of the 18th century.

1. Bay of Mont Saint Michel – France

Mont Saint Michel, which has been included in the World Heritage List with its extraordinary architecture and exquisite view, and its bay are among the places that must be visited, regardless of the reason. 

An example of extraordinary universal values ​​supported by UNESCO , this place has a medieval monastery that defies gravity and fascinates its guests with a bay view full of natural beauty. The bay surrounding this exquisite island is a natural protected area that hosts thousands of bird and plant species.

2. San Gimignano – Italy

San Gimignano, one of the oldest settlements in Italy , is dazzling with its rolling hills, vineyards dating back to the 11th and 13th centuries, terracotta roofs and sheltered towers. This place, which was an important resting point in the Middle Ages, promises a fairy-tale holiday to those who come with its walls rising from the lush green fields of Tuscany . While wandering around the town, do not forget to climb the tower stairs and taste the famous white wine of the region, Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

3. Bruges – Belgium

Bruges, one of the most romantic settlements of the Middle Ages, is still one of the places where the scent of love is in the air today. You should definitely visit the Lake of Love in Minewaterpark. Even though the most valuable periods of the city were the 12th and 15th centuries, it has not lost any of its magnificence even though centuries have passed.

4. Vilnius – Lithuania

The European cultural and architectural influence of Vilnius, which was once the political center of Lithuania, is indisputable. This center, which continues to impress with its Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical style buildings, hosts one of the greatest love stories in its history.

5. Upper Middle Rhine Valley – Germany

The Upper Middle Rhine Valley, which was the heart of the Roman Empire in the Middle Ages, was also the most important trade center in Europe in the past. You can explore the river side by boat, car, bicycle or on foot, enjoying the panoramic views stretching across the 67 km area. The Upper Middle Rhine Valley, which will appeal to your stomach with its culture, gastronomy and unique wines, awaits its visitors.

6. Lednice – Valtice Cultural Landscape, Czech Republic

Located on the grounds of a 12th-century border castle, Lednice is also home to a romantic castle . Lednice, a favorite region of cyclists, also impresses with its romantic gardens. These romantic houses, located between the palaces in the Czech countryside, will fascinate you.

7. Wachau – Austria

Wachau, an extension of the Danube valley, is a protected city that shows its magnificent view to its visitors. Don’t forget to visit the paradise of Wachau, which has inspired romantic legends and stories of love and heartbreak for centuries.

8. Paphos (Paphos) – Cyprus

Paphos, one of the rich and romantic cities of Cyprus, promises a fascinating holiday with its ruins from the Middle Ages. If you are interested in Greek mythology, Paphos, the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, is one of the places you should definitely visit.

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