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Places to Visit in Montenegro

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Places to Visit in Montenegro

Montenegro, a small and mountainous country on the Balkan Peninsula, has a rising position on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Home to a population of almost 700,000, Montenegro is known as one of the most preferred tourist locations in recent years. Although it is not a big place, it manages to offer its visitors a unique trip with its unique nature and must-see cultural locations. Among its most important features is that it allows you to get information about all the must-see places in just a few days. Moreover, Montenegro’s Famous Dishes can also provide a delicious experience during your visit.

You may be interested in the recent Foreign Tours You Can Go Without a Visa . Montenegro has a long list of places to visit, allowing you to have an advantageous trip in many aspects. Therefore, it is recommended that you plan the places you need to visit before your trip, without being fooled that it is a small place. If you have not visited Montenegro before and do not have information about the places you should visit, you can review the travel list we have compiled for you.

List of Places to Visit in Montenegro

  1. Kotor
  2. Podgorica
  3. Cetinah
  4. Budva
  5. Tivat
  6. Bar
  7. Ulcinj
  8. Herceg Novi
  9. Kotor Old Town
  10. Ostrog Monastery

Of course, places to visit in Montenegro are not limited to these. Montenegro, one of the most beautiful places in the Balkans, is very advantageous as it is among the Visa-Free Balkan Countries . Its location close to Turkey ensures that the number of tourists coming by car is high. Let’s examine the must-see places in Montenegro together!


Kotor, which attracts attention because it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has fascinating spots in every corner. Kotor, the pearl of the Montenegrin coast with its walls built on the mountains, creates a postcard-like image with its red-tiled roofs. Kotor is also known as the land of fairy tales. Kotor, which is one of the most popular spots for tourists coming from different parts of the world, is also among the favorites of tour companies.

Once one of the busiest ports of the Adriatic Sea, Kotor is now one of the best preserved towns on the Montenegrin coast. San Giovanni Castle, which houses it, is among the must-see places in Kotor.

Kotor, which has a remarkable location with its places to visit, is also remarkable because it still carries the traces of the civilizations that Montenegro has dominated so far. It is not wrong to say that it has many features that make it preferred.


Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, is one of the most popular spots for day trips. If you want to make your visit a truly touristic trip while visiting Montenegro, it is recommended that you visit the capital.

The streets dominated by brutalist blocks with Ottoman ruins and unique art galleries make your Podgorica trip much more enjoyable. In addition, it should be noted that there are many parks, gardens and a very lively nightlife in the city.

Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, Millennium Bridge, St. George’s Church and the historical district called Stara Varos are among the must-see places in Podgorica. In addition, it is recommended that you make time for Podgorica Modern Arts Center during your trip. It is possible to say that the works exhibited at the Modern Arts Center have many different themes and subjects. Events and different exhibitions take place at various times in the center. For such reasons, it is both a remarkable and very entertaining location.


Çeşme, the oldest royal capital of Montenegro, fascinates its visitors with its rich history and deep-rooted history. Considered as a perfect escape point away from the crowds of the bay, Çetinah also hosts many must-see cultural venues.

The city of Cecene, thought to have been founded at the foot of Mount Lovcen in the late 15th century, has been considered the cultural heart of Montenegro since its foundation. It also hosts many culturally important places such as the Montenegrin National Museum, which is a must-visit in Montenegro.

Çetine, which fascinates those who see it not only with its cultural sites but also with its natural beauties, is located at the foothills of the mountains. If you want to witness the breathtaking views of the Bay of Kotor and Ishkorda Lake, you should definitely visit Cetiné!


Budva, which is located approximately 30 km away from Cetinje and is the most visited tourist destination in Montenegro, is known as the Miami of the region. Budva appeals to both beach lovers and bar goers. Because it is a very active spot in terms of nightlife. Budva has structures that fascinate those who see them with their striking architecture.

B.C. This wall, which has a deep-rooted history dating back to the 5th century, is a historical region with castles, towers and gates surrounded by walls from the Middle Ages. In addition, it should be noted that the historical Sen beach has a location overlooking the ancient waters. You can have fun days thanks to the active nightlife and have a unique summer holiday on unforgettable and historical beaches.


The most important feature of Montenegro is that the standard of living is the same in many places. It is not wrong to say that cafes, shops or hotels are generally clean but average in ambiance. However, it would not be correct to evaluate the businesses located in the Tivat region in this category. The marina in the region has ensured that standards have become higher.

Montenegro, where I live a modest life from Yugoslavia, has reached a different standard with the marina called Porto Montenegro, built by Canadians. There are a few shops and different restaurants in the marina where you can taste sushi. Although it is an architecturally striking project, it should be noted that it is not very big. Still, it is one of the places where one should spare time for a dinner.


The bar is notable for having played a very important role in the many campaigns in which the Ottomans tried and failed to capture Kotor. Bar, which has ruled the region for nearly 500 years, still contains the traces of all historical events that have taken place until today. Its most important feature is that it has both a Protestant and Orthodox population.

The Bar, which is a spot rich with its own features, is rich enough in terms of activities. However, you can try local dishes at the restaurants inside and have the chance to make a historical trip.

7. Ulcinj

Ulcinj is a very important coastal city located on the seaside of Montenegro. It is known that the majority of the population of 11 thousand is Albanians. For this reason, it is also known as the Albanian center of Montenegro. In addition to the historical and architectural structures in the city, it is among the must-see places with its natural beauties.

If you want to make your trip longer in Ulcinj, you can choose hostels and hotels. Places that must be visited in Ulcinj City can be listed as follows:

    • Ulcinj Old Town
    • Lake Saska
    • Velika Plaza Beach
    • Balsic Castle
    • Valdanos Bay
    • Ada Bojana

8.Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi, one of the historical coastal settlements you pass by on your way from Kotor to Croatia, is quite impressive with its unique architecture and landscapes. If you want to make your visit to Montenegro a more impressive experience, you can attend sailing courses or take a boat tour in Herceg Novi.

Herceg Novi, which has managed to be among the touristic locations especially with boat tours, allows you to visit the places you must see in Montenegro with a single tour. Boat tours, which depart from Herceg Novi and are only a half-day program, help you see the symbolic locations of Montenegro such as Mamula Fortess and The Blue Cave. If you wish, you can choose the boat rental service instead of boat tours and have a more special boat trip.

9.Kotor Old Town

Kotor Old Town, a UNESCO-protected city, is one of the most remarkable cities in Montenegro. Kotor Old Town, which attracts great attention from visitors with its clean air and preserved history, is also famous for offering unforgettable views.

The words written at the entrance of the city, “We do not want anything that belongs to others, but we do not give away what is ours,” have been studied with great interest by tourists for years. When you enter Kotor Old Town, the first thing you see is the Clock Tower. You can relax in the cafes and businesses right next to it, and have a pleasant and homeless journey in the side streets. Many of the buildings in the city are quite striking as they are in Gothic style. The cathedral inside is a very impressive structure that you can enter by paying 1.5€.

10.Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery, one of the indispensable points of daily trips with its appearance reminiscent of Sumela, is located in the city of Niksic. It is known that the monastery located in the Bogetici region was built in 1655 and its founder was Serbian bishop Basli. The monastery, which is divided into two parts: the upper church and the lower church, is one of the most striking religious buildings in Montenegro.

One of the most important factors that should be mentioned about Ostrog Monastery is that transportation is difficult. It is almost impossible to walk to the monastery, which is located on a very high hill. In addition, the fact that there is no public transportation to the region makes it more logical to travel by participating in day trips.

11. Cathedral of the Resurrection of Jesus

The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ in Podgorica is one of the most important cultural buildings of the region. The cathedral has a large dome and white stone walls, and its golden crosses are quite striking. Categories, a building built in Serbian Orthodox style, are considered as a striking detail in the city period. The cathedral, which is thought to have started construction in 1993 but is still incomplete, still accepts visitors.

12.Clock Tower

Ordu Square, known as the Square of Arms, fascinates its visitors with the Clock Tower located right opposite it. The Clock Tower, where the 17th century Baroque and Gothic styles are used together, attracts great attention from those who enjoy architectural structures. In front of the clock tower, there is another structure called the “Column of Shame”. It is known that in the Middle Ages, people who committed crimes were not imprisoned, but instead were sent to the Pillar of Shame to be publicly displayed. With this feature, the Clock Tower, which tells important stories about the past years and is definitely worth seeing, is among the important structures of Montenegro.

13.Njegos Mausoleum

Njegos Mausoleum, located in Cetinje, is one of the symbols of Montenegro. The mausoleum, known as one of the main tourist attractions, contains the tomb of Peter II Petrovic Njegos.

This mausoleum has a huge size; Due to its beauty, architecture and location, it has been one of the most visited buildings in Montenegro for years. You need to pay approximately 3€ to enter the mausoleum. If you want to get to know its history and culture more closely, you can join tours and thus have the chance to have a culture-filled trip through guided tours. The prices of the tours vary due to many different factors and date ranges.

14.Church of St. Ivan Budva

St. Ivan Budva Church, located in Budva, Montenegro and thought to have been built in the 12th century, is known as a mass belonging to the Catholic period. Located in the coastal region of the country and being one of the oldest churches, St. Ivan Budva Church fascinates those who see it with its pine tower illuminated in the evening.

The church, which was severely damaged in the earthquake that occurred in the region in 1667, underwent different restoration works until it was brought to its current state. It is known that the high tower dominating the city was added in 1867. The Episcopal Palace Complex located next to it plays an important role in terms of religion and is also very valuable in terms of architecture with its glass mosaics.

15.Bloody Kula

Kanli Kula Castle is of critical importance with its location overlooking the Adriatic sea and its view of the Bosphorus. This castle, which is known to have been conquered by the Ottoman Empire through bloody wars, takes its name from here. It is known that about 2000 warriors who fought to conquer the castle were martyred. Its name, translated into Turkish as “Bloody Kule”, is called “Bloody Kula” by the local people of Montenegro.

Although it is troublesome to climb the endless stairs that start from the sign, the castle, which you can enter by paying a fee of 1€, is quite impressive. Its location overlooking the Adriatic Gulf makes it preferred not only for excursions but also for cultural concerts and events.

16.Kotor Maritime Museum

If you think that there is no cultural structure related to maritime in Kotor, known as a sailor’s city, you are wrong. Kotor, which stands out today as a city that was under the domination of the seafaring Venetians for many years, had to be strong both for trade and to protect against attacks from the sea. Kotor Maritime Museum, which tells about these periods and shows what kind of struggles the city went through to become strong, is a very valuable building.

The baroque style palace, thought to have been built in the 18th century and belonging to the Grgurna family, is now used as a museum. By paying a 4€ entrance fee, you can get the chance to tour with free headphones. All of the maritime works of the city, such as a painting showing the occupation of the Turks and their lack of comfort, are exhibited in the museum as works. Kotor Maritime Museum, which can be considered a small museum even though it has three floors, is a place you can visit in a short time.

17.National Museum of Montenegro

The National Museum of Montenegro, located in the city of Cetinje, has been in service since 1896. Montenegro National Museum, which consists of 5 different sections and helps you to get to know the history of Montenegro more closely, attracts great attention from tourists.

Although it is a young country, Montenegro, which has hosted many different civilizations to date, attracts attention due to its many different features. The fact that the museum is divided into different sections makes visiting much easier and also helps you make your trip more cultural.

18.Cat Museum

The Cat Museum in Kotor is the first and only income-themed museum in the world. While walking around the streets of Kotor, you can see many cats accompanying you or continuing to live their own lives. Cats, which have come to Kotor by ships from many different parts of the world over the years, have become almost native to this city today!

The museum, which you can enter by paying only 1€, is a very small building. Many of the works exhibited inside consist of interesting cat paintings, sculptures and souvenirs. It is known that the museum collection started when Countess Montreale Mantica, known for her fondness for cats, donated her collection of cat paintings.

19.Stevi Stefan Island

Along with Perast, the most postcard-worthy place in Montenegro is Stevi Stefan Island. This island, which was founded as a fishing village in the 15th century and was surrounded by castle walls to protect it from the Ottoman expeditions to the Balkans in 1442, is today one of the most visited locations in Montenegro.

Stevi Stefan Island is operated as a hotel by Aman, one of the most beautiful boutique hotel chains in the world. With this feature, it would not be wrong to say that it is the most special hotel in Montenegro. Hollywood stars, statesmen and world-famous athletes often come to the hotel to stay. To enter Stevi Stefan Island, hotel accommodation is required. The only way to visit the island without staying at a hotel is to eat at one of the hotel’s restaurants.

20.Bay of Kotor

Montenegro, one of the most valuable places in Europe that can be visited without a visa, fascinates those who see it with the Bay of Kotor. Located in one of the most beautiful bays in the Adriatic Sea and fascinating those who see it with its Venetian style architecture, the Gulf is at the top of the list of must-see places in Montenegro.

Among the activities to be done in the Bay of Kotor is to rent a bicycle or motorcycle and explore the surroundings. In addition, it should be said that it has its own unique cuisine and therefore you should add local flavors. You can choose ferry services to reach different points.

21. Shkodra (Skadar) Lake

Shkodra Lake, where those who head from the coast to the inner regions encounter an extraordinary experience, attracts great interest from outdoor enthusiasts. The lake is the choice of many people who want to get away from the crowded streets of the capital and spend a pleasant day surrounded by nature. Offering a unique view with its national park, fishing towns in the high mountains and small islands, Skadar Lake is one of the most visited natural locations in Montenegro by both locals and tourists.

The most important feature of the day is that it is the largest lake in the Balkans. The lake, shaped like a dolphin, is located between Montenegro and Albania. The fact that most of it is on the Montenegrin side is a great touristic advantage for the region.

While spending time on the lake, you can visit monasteries and churches and spend a pleasant summer day on the beaches in the clear waters. In addition, many different businesses provide services for you to do activities such as canoeing, cycling and boat tours.

22.Gornja Lastva

Gornja Lastva, a village in Tivat, is located approximately 300 meters above sea level. Located at the foot of Vrmac Hill, Gornja Lastva was under the administration of the Kotor region until the 16th century, but today it is used for various events, festivals and trade.

There are 20 very simply built stone houses in the village. Many of the gardens have vineyards, stone benches and water cisterns. In addition, there is a church built in baroque style in the village. Therefore, the region is one of the most popular locations due to its architectural structures and friendly feelings of the local people. It should also be mentioned that many architectural studies have been carried out in the region in recent years.

23.Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is located in the north of Montenegro. The park, which is a natural wonder and attracts great attention from visitors, is a location where daily tours are organized. You can choose daily tours by paying approximately 50€ and thus get more detailed information about the history of the national park.

The view of the national park, which requires a journey of approximately 450 km from the center and the views it offers, is quite impressive. It should be noted that there are many different canyons and bridges included in the national park.

24.Lipa Cave

Lipa Cave, located in the small village of Lipa and approximately 5 km away from Çetince, is a cave that you can reach with the help of daily tours and have the chance to visit. It is possible to say that the cave, which is open between May and October, has different features of its own.

The cave, which you can enter by paying approximately 10 €, is large enough to be visited in an hour. Lipa Cave, which allows you to step into the underground world of more than 2.5 kilometers, also plays an important role in admiring the illuminated rock formations.


The most striking feature of Dobrota is that it has not become a tourist attraction as much as other locations in Montenegro. Dobrota, which is generally preferred by local people but also hosts many different hostels and hotels where you can stay, is one of the sweetest settlements in Montenegro with its Italian architecture.

Dobrota, which has a very remarkable location and is located in the middle of many places you want to see in the Bay of Kotor, attracts great attention from the local people. While staying in Dobrota, you can visit restaurants to taste local delicacies or swim with the locals.

26.Porto Montenegro (Montenegro Marina)

Porto Montenegro, a marina built in Tivat, Montenegro, has a large capacity to host more than 500 yachts. It is necessary to mention that this huge marina, known to be built by Canadian billionaire Peter Munk, hosts luxury hotels, exclusive restaurants and shops, entertainment and sports centers.

Porto Montenegro (Karadağ Marina), which is a preferred location for weddings, special celebrations and organizations, also attracts great interest from tourists. The marina hosts the world’s richest and most luxurious guests.

27.Our Lady of Rocks Island

After coming from Kotor to Perast by bus, you can choose boats to reach the Woman of the Rocks Island. Our Lady of Rocks Island, which attracts attention because it is a human-made church island and is one of the must-see structures in Montenegro, is quite remarkable. There is a Maritime Museum on the island. The island, which resembles a natural photography studio, attracts a lot of attention, especially from those who enjoy taking photographs.


Perast, which fascinates those who see it with its man-made islands and local cuisine, is a medieval town that you can reach by car from Kotor in just 20 minutes. Perast, which is a very small place with only one main street, hosts many historical churches and palaces.

Hotel Conte, located in the region, and Conte Restaurant, located within the hotel, are the most striking restaurants of Perast. You can taste local flavors from the region at the restaurant. After our delicious team, it is recommended that you make an agreement with one of the local boat operators and sail towards the small island called Lady of the Rocks. This trip is a candidate to make your Montenegro trip an unforgettable day!

29.Przno Beach

Przno Beach is located in Budva. The beach, 4.7 km away from the city center, is one of the beaches of Przno village. The beach, decorated with sand and pebbles, becomes the favorite of those who want to spend a pleasant beach day. It is possible to say that it is widely preferred by tourists because it has a very beautiful sea.

Przno Beach is remarkable as it is preferred by many people looking for a peaceful holiday. There are businesses on Przno Beach where you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, and restaurants where you can meet your eating and drinking needs. Prices of services offered by businesses vary.

30.Kamenovo Beach

Kamenovo Beach in Budva is quite common and popular as it is located 4 km away from the city center. The beach, which takes its name from Kamenovo Village, is only 0.3 km away from the village.

Kamenovo Beach, a beach surrounded by cliffs, has a short and flat coastline. You can see that the crystal and turquoise colored water is accompanied by light fine pebbles. It is possible to enter the sea without sea shoes, as the light and fine pebbles will not disturb your feet.

There are various businesses that offer umbrellas and sun loungers on the beach. You can benefit from sun lounger and umbrella services within varying price ranges, and meet your needs in the toilets and changing cabins offered by the businesses.

31.Mogren Beach

Mogren Beach, which is preferred because it is located close to Kotor Old City, is located on the coastline surrounded by picturesque cliffs. Mogren Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Budva Riviera, is a private beach. It should be noted that the beach, which you can enter by paying a fee starting from 2€, is quite crowded during the season.

The beach, which creates a striking appearance with the rocks approaching the water and has small pebbles and golden sand, allows you to enjoy the sea at its peak. You can also benefit from paid sun loungers and umbrellas at Mogren Beach, which has two different entrances. It is possible to say that the prices of sun loungers and umbrellas start from 15 €. With changing prices, you can have the chance to have a pleasant time on a crowded beach day.

32.Trsteno Beach

Trsteno Beach, another of the beaches in Kotor, is located 15.9 km from Kotor city center. Trsteno Beach, located in the village of Dubraljevina, can be considered a spacious and quiet beach because it is surrounded by mountains, although it is located in an urban area.

Crystal turquoise water color and golden sands make Trsteno Beach very popular. In addition, since the water is completely sandy, you can enjoy the sea without needing any sea shoes.

Trsteno Beach is especially ideal for those who want to have a quiet holiday and relax. It would not be wrong to say that although it is crowded during the season, it allows for a peaceful holiday. There are many different businesses on the beach. You can benefit from services such as umbrellas and sun loungers offered by businesses at varying price ranges.

33.Saint Nikola Beach

St. Saint Nikola Beach, located on Nicholas Island and opposite Slovenska Plaza, is approximately 1 km away from the Budva coast. The beach, which stands out with its large rocky area of ​​40 hectares and an overgrown island, draws attention with its wild pebbly beaches.

Saint Nikola Beach is one of the most loved beaches by those who prefer Montenegro for a sea holiday. Since there are many sea urchins in the sea, it is recommended to enter the water with shoes. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas from the restaurants inside for between 10€ and 15€. There are areas on the beach where you can meet your needs such as showers, changing cabins and toilets. If you wish, you can also spend time doing water sports for varying fees.

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