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Misool Island

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Island of Misool

Misool is one of the world’s remaining reef systems and retains its originality. It is an island where the biodiversity of the universe is increasing rather than decreasing.


Misool, one of the four major islands of the Raja Ampat Islands in southwestern Indonesia, has an average area of ​​2,035 kilometers. The highest point on the island is 562 meters high. It lies on the Seram Sea, the habitat of the Misool whales, which borders the main island of Papua to the west.

The island’s capitals are Waigama on the north-west coast of the island and Lilinta on the south-east coast of the island.Misool Island is made up of rolling hills, dense forests and mangroves. A limestone labyrinth stretching out into the blue sea can be seen on the east and west sides of Misool Island.

Some petroglyphs have been found on the walls of caves across the island. These petroglyphs are believed to be around 5,000 years old. There are groups of karst rocks all over the island.Various ornamental fish also live in the waters of Misool, which is part of the Global Coral Triangle. In addition, sea creatures such as turtles, rays and corals live there.


Misool Island is part of the tropical rainforest ecoregion. Thus, there are numerous plant communities, alluvial or alluvial lowland rainforests and lowland foothill rainforests.
native animals include marsupials, possums, phalangers orientalis, bats, Dorcopsis muelleri, mouse rodents, Macroglossus minimus, Nyctimene aello, Echymipera rufescens, lesser bird of paradise and several endemic species.

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