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Facts About The Legendary Alcatraz Prison

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Facts about the legendary Alcatraz prison

Alcatraz Island is an island known to many people. The most important feature of the island is that until recently it was used as a prison. This island prison has been a prison for America’s most notorious criminals for many years.

The idea of ​​building a prison on Alcatraz Island was a very attractive idea since it was difficult for prisoners to escape here. The idea was soon embraced, and in 1861 Alcatraz prison was built on the island.From the establishment of the prison until 1963, there were no security issues. By 1963, however, maritime traffic in San Francisco Bay, where the island is located, had increased significantly. The increase in this traffic also made it difficult to control seacraft passing very close to the island. Because in the past, ships often came close to smuggle prisoners off the island.

In 1963, the release of prisoners from Alcatraz Island Penitentiary to other prisons began.Until 1982, the island and the prison building were empty. In 1982 it was decided to turn the prison into a museum. The structure of the prison where the world’s most notorious criminals are held has been preserved in the same way and this place has been opened to visitors. However, for some people in the United States, particularly in San Francisco, this was a very unnecessary place and disrupted the city’s modern fabric. Since the buildings on the island were always erected in
different eras, they were dilapidated buildings that were architecturally unrelated.In 2008, a referendum was held to demolish the island’s buildings and convert the island into an entertainment hub.

Too many movies have been made about Alcatraz Island. Of course, these movies were always about kidnapping a person from Alcatraz prison. Sometimes it succeeded, sometimes it failed, just like in real life. However, 19 Alcatraz Prison Movies were also movies that garnered a lot of attention.It is known that in real life there are many people trying to escape from prison. Among them there is a large majority who are unsuccessful, but also those who are successful. The most notable method of kidnapping prisoners is an attempt to use a seaplane.

Alcatraz Island and the Alcatraz Prison on it still welcomes both passing ships and landing passenger planes at San Francisco Airport, directly across from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay.

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