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Arenal Volcano

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Arenal Volcano

Arenal Volcano is located in the Costa Rica region of North America. Arenal Volcano is an active andesitic stratovaulcano in the La Fortuna region of Alajuela state. It is 90 km northwest of San José. Many activities take place in the Arenal volcanic region, which is in a dormant phase. Known as a tourist paradise, the region is important for water sports, hiking, cycling and spa activities.

What is Arenal Volcano?

Arenal Volcano is less than 7,500 years old. It looks like a crater cone with a diameter of 140 meters and a height of 1,633 meters. It is a volcano known to have been active until 2010 and is located in the canton of San Carlos and in the region of La Fartuna in the province of Alajuela. It is not possible to observe the volcano, which then went into dormancy.However, as the region has become safer, it has become a tourist route for both domestic and foreign tourists.

Is Arenal Volcano Active?

Arenal Volcano activity lasted until 1968-2010 and has entered dormancy. Its imposing appearance and greater security have also made it a magnet for tourists. A nearby village was completely destroyed by the blasts that lasted until 2010.The region that now functions as a tourist area is a magnificent park that includes the Arenal Volcano.
The Arenal region, home to the falls popular with cyclists, has a unique wealth of waterfalls and hot springs. There are also options from hiking tours to thermal activities where you can contemplate the majesty of the mountain and taste delicious delicacies.

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